Red-eyed Tree Frog Care Sheet

red eyed tree frog

The red-eyed tree frog can make a great pet, just be prepared for the unusual habitat and feeding needs that your new pet will require.


More accurately called terrarium, from the Latin word Terra for earth, the red-eyed frogs natural habitat is a tree branch with rich foliage. A captive one wouldn’t mind living in a large arboreal tank where some tree branch and a small pond-like formation can be provided. Bear in mind that frogs love to nest their gelatinous tadpoles on water formations. And this little frog would like to swim from time to time.

Make sure the temperature is maintained warmer than that in your room and a bit more humid. Some water formations would help in that area. These creatures come from the tropic regions of the American continent. Anywhere from 30 degree to 33 degrees centigrade would be great for these beauties. A little cooler at night would make their day perfect since these are creatures of the night.


As all frogs love flying and crawling insects, the red-eyed is no different. They feed on bugs, ants, crickets, grasshoppers, moths, flies, earthworms and even smaller frogs. And that means the avid frog lover needs to develop a stomach for these creepy animals to feed into their terrarium. Luckily, there are pet shops that have preserved insects you can store on your freezers.