Frog Diseases: Dropsy

When a frog develops a bloated stomach, it’s commonly known as Bloat or Dropsy. This condition is defined as the abnormal and heavy accumulation of serous bodily fluids in the amphibian's belly.

The cause of Dropsy is still debatable but there are two possible reasons. One is Aeromonas Hydrophila. It is a bacterium which causes an infection that frogs could catch through their surroundings or the food which they ate.

Secondly, the more accepted reason, usually, is improper body metabolism. This is mostly an effect of an improper nutrition or diet for the frog. But a poor maintenance, inability to clean a frog’s artificial surrounding or habitat for example, is also a cause of an abnormal metabolism. When a frog could not properly digest his food, nutrition is scarce and some vitamins needed for proper circulation of fluids are blocked. Ergo, the great Bloat.

Some recommended measures to be taken are changing the water for the frog to live in. If it really is bacterial, then the source must be eliminated. There also is a suggestion for cleaning its surroundings. Bacteria thrive in dirty surroundings because that is where they’d have something to feed on. Moreover, the frog is apparently advised to be submerged in antibiotics such as oxytetracyline or nitrofurantoin, to try and clean the block out.

But frog experts still recommend bringing the sick amphibian to a veterinarian. The owner may make mistakes, especially in treating it by him or herself. This disease includes nerves and veins, and it needs proper diagnosis and treatment. Blood circulation is too big a task for an average person to handle.

A syringe may be used by the animal doctor to remove the block out but it still depends on the extent of the sickness. Antibiotics, properly measured and administered, may also be given. In extreme cases of Dropsy or Bloat, both of the aforementioned treatments are to be done.

The best way to take care of a frog is still prevention: proper diet, clean surroundings, and lots of attention. Not only is it easier on the owner’s pocket but on the frog’s welfare as well. It has to be realized that when seminous fluid is blocked, it also causes the dear pet some notable amount of pain.

When worst case scenarios come, the veterinarian’s phone number should be posted on the refrigerator.