Setting up a Habitat for your African Dwarf Frogs

African Dwarf Frogs are the easiest of all frogs to care for. Keeping an African Dwarf Frog is comparable to owning a pet goldfish. As with your fish, it is pretty easy to maintain a healthy habitat.

The Tank

The best choice for your African Dwarf Frog is a relatively shallow aquarium - not more than 2 to 3 feet deep. African Dwarf Frogs aren't excellent swimmers and anything deeper could present problems. You will need a tank that holds about a gallon of water for each frog you plan to keep. Get an aquarium with a screen lid, as these frogs are known to jump right out of the tank. You can get a decent starter aquarium (such as the one shown here) for under $100. If you plan to add several frogs or fish, you may want to go with something a little larger. There are really nice tanks out there to choose from, but your preference should be to find one that is wider than it is deep.

A filter isn't required, but if you choose to use one, go with a quality filter. Cheaper ones tend to vibrate and can stress your frogs.

African Dwarf Frogs require freshwater, so use plain and clean unchlorinated mineral water. If you plan to use tap water, use a water conditioner or just let it stand for a couple of days, allowing the chlorine to evaporate before putting in the tank.

Tank Maintenance

These frogs aren’t messy and they have little body waste to foul up the aquarium. It’s the leftovers from your feeding that do. You may opt to invest in minute food scavengers like the corydora or otinciclus catfish to take care of leftovers and preclude decomposing food that can really foul-up the tank.

As air breathers, dwarf frogs come up to take in air from time to time. So their fish tank habitat need not be filtered, especially for small tanks as these frogs get bothered by vibrations. And those small tank filters vibrate. A weekly water change will do just fine. But once fish and other marine animals are in the tank, presumably a much bigger tank, you would need some filtration and aeration. Just use the quietest powered filters you can find.

Temperature and Lighting

Dwarf frogs require warm water. Seventy-five (75) degrees fairenheit is the ideal temperature for your pet frogs. During the cooler months of the year, a water heating system is recommended..

As with other types of frogs, African Dwarf Frogs are nocturnal and need consistent day and night lighting. These frogs are nocturnal and will be most active after dark. Natural light may be enough for your frog, but many frog owners choose to go with an artificial light system and timer to ensure proper lighting. Twelve hours on (during daytime) and twelve hours off (at night) should be sufficient.


Spruce up the inside of your frog's tank with some foilage and terrain for your frogs to hide behind. Either underwater plants or artificial plants will do, but soft silk-based plants are recommended if you plan to go the artificial route.

Can I Keep Other Fish in the Same Tank?

Yes. African Dwarf Frogs are docile creatures and play well with most other freshwater fish. You should be able to keep goldfish, small catfish, guppies, beta fish, tetras, etc in the same tank. Small crustaceans like the Singapore Flower shrimp can be kept in the same tank as well. Obviously, fish that eat other fish would not make a good tank-mate for your African Dwarf Frog.